Thank you for your interest in using My Ninja Movers!

At the precise moment you send the “Request an Estimate”, hundreds of ninjas will begin mobilizing in preparation for your mission. Though you will not hear a sound, or perceive movement with the naked eye, you will have set in motion the Ninja agents who will not rest till your mission is completed to utmost satisfaction.

Here is a glimpse of the events about to take place:

1. Within moments of submitting your Request an Estimate Form, an Estimator Ninja will send you a secret letter requesting the Contents List. Filling this out accurately is of the utmost importance, as it will help determine the size of the Ninjamobile, Ninja squad, and duration needed for your moving mission.

2. Once you’ve completed & returned the Content List, we will send a Ninjestimate (also known as an Estimate in the common tongue) to confirm the details of your contracted mission. Nothing will commence till all details have been disclosed to you, our Liege.

3. Once you agree on the contract, Scribe Ninja’s, using invisible ink, will intricately transcribe your Content List for the transport Ninjas, who will have just finished 500 single finger hand stands, ran 100 kms, & held their breaths for 30 minutes. All required skills to even qualify to be a Ninja Mover.

We look forward to this quest, and to serving you.