At My Ninja Movers, we assist in making your move a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here are some good tips to read and prepare for as you plan the packing of your belongings.


  • Create a list and organize items according to type (ex. fragile items, clothes, toys, etc.). Put together heavy items in small cartons (ex. books, canned goods, etc.) and breakables like vases and perfume bottles in their respective boxes.
  • Make a list of items you will need prior to and immediately after your move. Separate and label them with “do not move”. These items include: soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, utensils, sheets, blankets, and sets of clothes.


  • Use professional packing materials to ensure safe arrival of your possessions. You probably want to pick up supplies like boxes, carton sealing tapes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, scissors and more.
  • Fill all boxes to the top as half-filled cartons tend to crush. Fill gaps in boxes with crushed paper to keep items from shifting.
  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and newspaper and put a protective bumper at the top and bottom of their boxes. To make a bumper, take three to four sheets of newspaper and roll them together.
  • Tape boxes securely from top to bottom. It is advisable to use carton sealing tape instead of masking or duct tape to keep the carton flaps intact.
  • Label your boxes for contents and destination on two sides to make it easier for movers to identify where your items will be delivered. Label boxes containing fragile items and segregate them from other items.

Additional Tips

  • For four drawer filing cabinets, leave the bottom two drawers full while lateral style cabinets and desk drawers must be emptied in order to prevent loose items from falling out or getting lost.
  • Paintings, mirrors, and glass must be wrapped in paper pads and placed in picture cartons. Make sure that each picture carton has a paper bumper at the top and bottom to prevent pressure and shifting during the move.
  • Do not pack flammable items, explosives, aerosols or paint as movers are not allowed to carry these items. Gather these items to be placed in your car during the move.
  • You may donate unwanted items like clothes, shoes, and relevant items in your local church, temple, or local homeless shelter. Contact your local library, used bookstore and school for donations of paper, supplies, or to sell old books.

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