Moving doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task and following a detailed check-list will help the transition go smoothly. Check out this useful “What & When to Do Guide”  for help to keep your move on schedule.

6-8 Weeks Before The Big Day

  • Clean Out – During this time, it’s important to clean out your house. It’s a great idea to start with your attic, basement, closets, and garage.
  • Sell, Donate, or Throw Away – After you’ve cleaned out your house, you’ll most likely be left with a pile of old clothes, appliances, or other possessions. This is the time to determine which you will keep or throw away. Alternatively, you could sell some of these off.
  • Call the Movers – This is also the best time to call and get a quotation for your move so you won’t be pressured into a last-minute decision.

4-6 Weeks Before The Big Day

  • Cleaning and Repair – We recommend that you have your furniture, drapes, and carpets for cleaning and/or repair.
  • Confirm and Order – Confirm your moving date. Also take the time to order moving supplies and arrange for them to be delivered to your doorstep.
  • Acquire Permits – Apply and secure any necessary permits for elevators, loading docks, or even for parking.

4 Weeks Before The Big Day

  • Start Packing – The first things you want to pack are the things you rarely or seasonally use like holiday decorations.
  • Call Charities – It’s time to have those things you’ve set aside for donation to get picked up. Call and arrange for them to be picked up.
  • Make Notifications – One of the most stressful things about moves are having your bills and other mail sent to your old address. We encourage you to contact the Post Office, utility companies, and banks or other financial institutions and inform them about your move.

2 Weeks Before The Big Day

  • Continue Packing – Pack some of your clothes, plates, and appliances. Leave the essential everyday items.
  • Make Special Arrangements – If you have to make any special moving arrangements for your children or pets, you should do so during this time.
  • Finalize The Move – Finalize the move with your real estate attorney or mortgage company. Take this time to organize any bank account statements, bills, insurance policies, or stocks.

1 Week Before The Big Day

  • Complete Packing – Pack everything except 1 week’s worth of clothes and other necessities.
  • Transfer Prescriptions – Make sure to transfer any prescription for medication.
  • Stop Delivery Services – Inform any delivery services like newspaper or milk that you’ll be moving.

1 Day Before The Big Day

  • Secure Your Valuables – Keep all jewelry, cash, and other valuable items with you.
  • Last Minute Safety Checks – Make sure to defrost your freezer as well as to drain the gas from your gas powered appliances.
  • Place Labels – Place clear labels on what items are to be moved.

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