$75 per ½ hour, after 3 hr. minimum dispatch

Recommended For:

Studio Apartment

1 Bedroom Apartment

1 Bedroom Condo or Loft

Small internal moves

Pod Loading & Unloading

Small Storage Units


$97.50 per ½ hour, after 3 hr. minimum dispatch

Recommended For:

2-3 Bedroom Condo/ Loft/ Apt

2-3 Bedroom House/Townhouse

Small Office <10 staff

Exceptionally Heavy Items

Locations with stair access

Medium size Storage Units

NINJA SWARM   $290 Per Hour

$145 per ½ hour, after 3 hr. minimum dispatch

Recommended For:

3-4 Bedroom Condo

3-4 Bedroom Apartment

3-4 Bedroom House

Exceptionally Heavy Items

Small office <15 staff

Time Sensitive Moves


  1. Our belief that trustworthiness is one of the most important elements in a business relationship has led us to be open with our price list. We aren’t going to advertise one price and quote a different one. We won’t advertise the catchiest deal, and then pile a bunch of “extra” charges for “unforeseen” things like stairs or heavy boxes.
  2. We don’t want to waste your time, or ours, passing notes back and forth just to see if a moving company is in the ball park of your budget—you’re a busy person. If you like our web-listed prices, but want a more in-depth quotation based on your inventory particulars, wonderful! We have a user friendly web portal that allows you to fill out an inventory list and receive a more accurate idea for how long your individual move will take.
  3. We’re Ninjas! We’ve done our recon of the competition, and are confident that other high quality, licensed, well trained, and dependable moving crews have comparable prices. We’re not the cheapest, but not the priciest either. Our goal is to provide a professional, safe, organized, well executed move, which brings the least amount of stress to you the client.















My Ninja Movers does not charge extra for these services:


Heavy items

Additional stops

Travel or fuel fees (for local moves)

Dock to dock fee

Separate truck fee

Furniture assembly/disassembly

Last minute booking

Large trucks (up to 20 ft)

Here are the items that come FREE with every move!

Moving equipment that’s in safe working order (which includes):

  • Moving dollies (upright and flat)
  • Padded moving blankets
  • Free use of wardrobe boxes upon request–delivered on the day of your move (1 per listed bedroom)
  • Shrink-wrap
  • Tape
  • Mattress bags—new & unused

As you would expect, Ninja’s come ready for their mission

Fit and quick

Cheerful & Respectful

Licensed and Insured

All charges disclosed upfront

Uniformed crews

Call from movers 10-20 minutes before site arrival

Wide range of payments accepted on site (Visa, MC, Debit, & Cash)

Chuck Norris Approved!!



  • A coworker recommended Ninja Movers to me and I was not disappointed! Their customer service was great from beginning to end. The process to get a quote was easy. The movers took their time to ensure that they were careful with my belongings, but still worked efficiently. Additionally… the prices!! I ended up paying less than initially quoted because it took less time… not to mention the fact that I was quoted way less than many others moving companies. 10/10, will definitely use their services again!”–Jennifer D. – Toronto

  • David and Jesse arrived exactly at 10 a.m. as promised.  They were polite, pleasant and friendly, and very organized.  Our move was complicated by the freight elevator being out of service at our vacated condo, and an extra stop at a Salvation Army Thrift Store for furniture drop-off.   David and Jesse even put a caster back onto a bureau that had been propped up by a book! In the past we have used big-name moving companies who either lost or damaged our furniture.  With My Ninja Movers, everything arrived intact, and well within the time allotted. We have told all our friends about our positive experience, and the high quality staff you employ. Many thanks ”–Cynthia M

  • These guys made it super easy to schedule my appointment. They showed up ten minutes early, got the job done in half the quoted time, didn’t break or scratch a single thing, and then left.  Giant weight off my shoulders to have this process go so easily. Will DEFINITELY use again.”–Alex H. – Toronto

  • We recently used My Ninja Movers for a move within Toronto. I was quite impressed. I’m always nervous with movers because you hear so many horror stories but this company was professional and reasonably priced. They didn’t try to charge for every little. They were quick, friendly, priced right and arrived on time. I will definitely use My Ninja Movers again.”–Carrie G. – Toronto

  • From our first call with My Ninja Movers the customer service we received was fantastic! They were extremely helpful in walking us through the entire move process, outlining the exact costs for the move with no hidden fees. Moving is stressful and they took the time to answer every little question we had and helped ease our nerves. They arrived right on time and even brought an extra mover at no charge to help keep the move time on track, as we had our condo elevator break down the week of our move! This was fabulous customer service and something most companies wouldn’t do. The cost was very reasonable and they took the time to properly pack and wrap all of our items with care. We moved from a 2.5 bedroom condo into a house and the total move time was 4.5 hours which was fast! I would definitely recommend the company and would be sure to use them again :)”–Nicole C. – Toronto

  • “I just used ninja movers to move me from the South part of the city  to the North part of the city The total cost was reasonable – no surprises or hidden fees Their professionalism started when I booked my move 2 weeks prior – they sent me an invoice right away to let me know the costs involved – I received a call the  day before to confirm my move – On the day of the move the two men showed up on time – they were efficient, and quick – The total move was two hours – they even set up my bed for me Great customer service – I highly recommend them”–JD. – Toronto

  • I would highly recommend My Ninja Movers. They were very accommodating when it came to changing my move time to be an hour earlier in order to use the moving elevator in my new building as early as possible. The movers were a bit late but called to let me know why, which was extremely professional, so I didn’t mind at all. An older gentleman and a young man arrived and were very polite and efficient when moving my things. They wrapped my wood furniture and were very careful moving and packing everything. The move didn’t take too long and I only ended up paying for the (very reasonable) 2 hour minimum that I was quoted. I would use this company again for my next move, and recommend My Ninja Movers to anyone and everyone.”–Marsha M. – Toronto

  • You’re in good hands! We shopped around, and My Ninja Movers were significantly less expensive than their competitors in Toronto, so we were a bit weary. But they were awesome from the start with reminder calls and suggestions. Unfortunately we were the second move of the day, so they were 2hrs late from their previous job (the only less than satisfied part of the move), but they did call to check in. 2 young guys arrived and got right to work. They were safe and efficient, never complained, and directed us where to assist to help it go faster. The 2 bedroom move took 4.5hrs to load/unload- exactly what they quoted us. No surprise costs- and they only charged from arrival, not from time they left/returned from their site, like many other companies. Thanks guys- definitely recommend and will use again!–Shannon M. – Toronto

  • The guys at My Ninja Movers did an excellent job! They have everything you need to make sure your move will be a smooth one.”–Laura R. – Toronto

  • I definitely recommend My Ninja Movers for professional and affordable service. They have a reliable team that made sure all of my belongings were kept safe and organized.”–William B. – Toronto

  • Thank you for taking care of everything during our move. We are very pleased with how your team handled every aspect of our move, from start to finish.”–Dorothy S. – North York

  • Ninja Movers move like Ninjas. No word of a lie.  And they are SO well priced. I received a quote from another company to move my two bedroom condo, and it was almost DOUBLE what Ninja Movers charged me to move my condo AND my 10×12 storage unit into a house. They were on time, friendly and really quick. They took apart my bed and put it back together even better than it was before. I highly recommend. And will definitely use then again if/when I move again.”–Lia E. – Toronto

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