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Hopefully the FAQ answers below will be of help. If you have any additional questions that were not covered here please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Ninja’s live to serve… just don’t ask about the last Ninja holiday party. Ninja throwing stars, invisible cloaks, and anti-gravity boots can kinda get out of hand. 😉

  • What are your rates?
    Our very competitive prices are an hourly rate, which is billed by the half hour following the 3 hour minimum.
    2 movers + 1 truck: $150 per hour — $75 per ½ hour, after 3 hr. minimum
    3 movers + 1 truck: $195 per hour — $97.50 per ½ hour, after 3 hr. minimum
    4 movers + 2 trucks: $290 per hour — $145 per ½ hour, after 3 hr. minimum
  • How long will my move take?
    Each move has its differences. Something as simple as elevator access, loading location, 5th floor or 10th floor can impact your moves duration. It is near impossible to state a time without knowing more details of your location, as well your inventory list.
    However to give you a general idea: 1 Bedroom apartment, from 3-4 hours, 2 bedroom condo, 4-6 hours, and a 3 Bedroom house, 7-9 hours. Please keep in mind all situations are unique and these times are served as guidelines only.
  • Do you have any hidden fees?
    No. We’re very proud to be one of the few moving companies that mention and list all charges upfront in your personalized, written quote. If the charge is not listed, you don’t pay for it.
  • For a local move, what time am I charged for?
    The moving clock starts upon our crew’s arrival. It finishes when you sign the move order again at the conclusion of the move.
  • Do you charge dispatch fees (also known as dock-to-dock fees) to my move’s starting location?
    There are no travel time fees from our dock to your pickup address within the city of Toronto. If the pick-up or drop-off address is located outside of the city of Toronto, travel time and fuel charges from our standard coverage area to your starting address may apply, and will be clearly itemized on your written quote.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    We accept the following methods of payment: Credit Cards (Visa & M/C), Debit,  or Cash.
    We do not accept personal checks.
  • Do your prices change on the weekends or month end?
    My Ninja Movers does not charge different rates for different days, as we offer competitive upfront pricing every day of the year.
  • Will the price be adjusted if my move takes less time?
    Yes. With My Ninja Movers, you pay as you go. Your bill will reflect the hours actually required. All moves have a 3-hr minimum dispatch time. Should your move conclude faster than the system estimates your final bill will also reflect that & be less (which will be adjusted after the 3-hour minimum has been applied).
  • Do you charge separately for stairs?
  • Do you charge separately for heavy boxes?
  • Can you move plants?
    Yes, but plants can be tricky to move (and they don’t like the extreme temperatures of a moving truck) so we recommend that you move them ahead of time so they don’t get damaged.
  • Do I need to empty my drawers before they’re moved?
    Yes, we require emptying of your dresser drawers for these reasons:
    1. Leaving items in the drawers leave the dresser, in some cases, too heavy for the frame during travel and jostling.
    2. With that extra weight, drawer runners/slides can be damaged in transit
    3. Depending on the size, it may not be feasible to keep the dresser upright while removing from residence. In the event that it has to be tipped, items can get jarred creating problems once usage reassumes.   
  • Do you disassemble/reassemble furniture?
    Yes we do. However we recommend that you have any necessary manuals and special tools ready for complex or custom furniture. Please note that disassembling and reassembling furniture will likely increase the total billable time. *A photo or web-link of any item(s) requiring this service must be summited for approval prior to move day. 
  • Do you provide packing services?
    At this time we do NOT assist with “packing services”. The definition of “packing services” would be: Our crew members supplying boxes, wrapping individual small items (dishes, kitchenware, household items), and placing said items in boxes for transport.
    However, our crews WILL, on the day of your move, arrive equipped with shrink-wrap, tape, and padded moving blankets. This will be used to protect any furniture pieces (sofas, dressers, etc.) that may not have original boxing, but that would be best served protected while in transit.
  • How is my furniture protected when you move it?
    My Ninja Movers use padded dollies to help prevent any damage to large furniture items. If necessary, your furniture will be protected with blankets and shrink wrapped.
  • How best to protect my TV(s)?
    Ideally your TV(s) should be put back into the manufactures original boxing for any type of transportation. If that is not an option, then you should try (in advance) to secure a TV box—in accordance with your particular TV size/dimensions *See our supply partner link, where you can procure TV boxes in advance to move-day:
    If on move day neither of the above safeguards are in place, the crew does have padded moving blankets (typically used for furniture pieces) and shrink-wrap which can be used to bundle the TV/protect it while in transit. This is not the ideal option, as there is no “hard face” in front of the screen to protect from pressure/contact.
    *Regardless, please be sure to review the T&C section of your estimate, which excludes electronic items from insurance protection.
  • Do you move in the rain/snow? If so how do you protect my items?
    Yes, as proud Canadians we understand the “joy” of working in all four seasons, and come prepared to move in all weather conditions.  Our movers come equipped with mattress covers; moving blankets and shrink wrap to protect your belongings.
  • Do your movers provide any floor protection?
    Yes, if required our crews will set floor runners out to protect your carpets, wood, or tiled floors. 
    Technically, crew are required to keep shoes on—as that is consider safety gear (OHS/WSIB regulations). Our crews are equipped with floor runners and are happy to lay those down in the high traffic areas (entrance/halls) for suboptimal weather days. However, they will not be allowed to lay those on the stairs—as that creates a tripping hazard and liability issues.
    **TIP: sometimes as a second option, clients will have disposable booties available on-site. If requested/provided, the crew can wear those inside the unit, which will negate that stair covering issue as well as keep the overall space “shoe-free”.
  • What won’t you transport?
    Safes, flammable items (including propane tanks or machines with fuel still in the tank), explosives, guns, ammo, animals, pianos, or pool tables.
  • Are you insured?
    Absolutely! The insurance T&C will be clearly laid out on your formal estimate. Proof of insurance (COI) is available upon request.
  • What is your claims policy?
    All claims for loss or damage must be submitted IN WRITING, no later than the statute of limitations prescribed on your Bill of Lading (Moving Agreement). Notice of claim must include a detailed description of the claim, weight and proof of loss/damage/delay/overcharge, as well as copies of all relevant moving documents.
  • What if we break your stuff?
    Industry practice is to pay $.60 per pound for damaged items. We reserve the right to repair items.
  • What happens if my home is damaged during the move?
    We reserve the right to fix cosmetic damage. Any damages must be brought to the crew’s attention while still on site, and must be noted on the invoice at sign-off. 
  • What time do your movers start?
    Our first dispatch of the day begins at 9 AM. This gives the crew time to prepare their equipment/trucks and hit the ground running. The official start time will be listed on your reservations document. 
  • Is it OK to tip movers?
    Yes. Ninja TIPS are welcome 🙂
  • Do I need to be present during the move?
    You, or a representative authorized to sign the moving documentation must be present at the start, and finish of your scheduled move. Since billing will be done at the conclusion of the move (based on actual time used), please make sure an authorized person with a valid CC is available for this.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    All cancellation/rescheduling requests must be submitted in writing. Cancellation or rescheduling within 14 calendar days of your confirmed move time will result in a fee in the amount of the listed minimum rate on the reservation. This charge will be billed to the credit card provided when you booked.
  • What are your office hours?
    Our office is open Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM; We are open for dispatching 7 days a week, but cannot make reservations outside office hours. If you would like to receive an estimate and you are researching over the weekend, please complete our free online estimate request form and our system will begin the estimate process.
  • Can I claim moving expenses?
    Yes. Click here to find out more