Making a difficult task easier

My Ninja Movers is committed to helping our customers achieve a stress-free relocation. And it begins long before lifting the fist box with your preparation of mind and spirit. Having a well planned mission, and everyone involved knowing the plan, will make a big difference when the day arrives to execute it. Check out the tabs here under ‘Just the Tips’ and invest a little time now to get a grip on your move plan. The Move Calendar will help keep you on track during the countdown to move day; Packing Tips will help guide you through the packing process; and Moving Tips will help make sure you are ready on Move Day.

Other tips and resources

Below we have listed a further 5 top tips for things not to miss so your move is a success.

1. Parking Permits

The cities of the GTA all require permits if parking on the street is necessary. Arrange this ahead of time. If you live in a more suburban area, communicating with your neighbors may be enough to accomodate the moving truck. Either way reserve the spot in front of your home for the time necessary on moving day. And don’t sweat about the permit cost as if the moving van is unable to park out front, the increased time taken to complete your move will generally be more costly than a permit.

2. Reserving The Elevator

Many office and large apartment/condominium buildings require residents to reserve an elevator for use when moving in or out. You should contact your building management company to reserve the elevator as soon as you have determined your move date. This is important as another tenant may be planning a move for the same day and you will need to coordinate the timing.

3. Gas Appliances and Ice Makers

Gas appliances and water lines to refrigerators need to be disconnected and have the lines capped. Your mover will not be able to move these appliances without this having been done in advance of your move time.

4. Front-Load Washers

Do you know where the shipping bolts are? Without these bolts, the washer can be damaged during your move. If you do not have the bolts, you should call the store you purchased the washer from and request new ones. Many companies also allow you to order the bolts directly from their website.

5. Load and Hold

Many people who are selling their home and moving believe that they will be allowed to attend a closing with a move in progress and then continue with the move to their new home. With today’s stricter lending standards this is not frequently allowed and movers have to be out of a home completely prior to the closing. This requires a load and hold scenario where your shipment is loaded the day before your closing and delivered the day of closing in the afternoon or the following day. You should speak with your real estate attorney to determine if this will be necessary or if they can write in a lease-back option into your purchase and sale.

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