Moving Tips

The last thing you want to do is move an unwanted item. So we suggest you start early with deciding what to sell, give away or discard.  Eliminate all unwanted items prior to your move. Here are some ideas and links for places that receive used items and appreciate the help.

  • For clothing, contact your local church, temple, shelter or Community Centre to ask what items they are currently collecting. They may have drop boxes for convenience.
  • Local libraries or used bookstores are ideal for recycling or selling books in good condition.
  • Local schools accept donations of paper, craft supplies and computers.
  • The Salvation Army will often accept any good condition furniture, and will send a truck to collect it from your address.
  • Electronics Recycling:  Toronto makes it very easy to get rid of unwanted electronics.
  • Make certain all items to be moved are ready to go.

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